Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Prima Latina Lesson Quizzes

My third trimester nest-iness is manifesting itself in manic attempts to hyper-organize our homeschool stuff. With four kids in four different grades, plus two littles, plus me needing an afternoon nap (NEED the nap) I often find it hard to find the time to give the kids their weekly quizzes orally. That can end up problematic, especially if it turns out later that they were studying something wrong, or skipping something entirely.

So, I prefer to have the quizzes in writing, that way they can do them on their own if necessary.

We use Prima Latina in the fourth grade (the Mother of Divine Grace syllabus suggests either Prima Latina or a modified Latina Christiana I). I had already bought Prima Latina on the recommendation of a friend when Jack was in first grade (we did NOT end up using it then!), so I prefer to use that for the fourth grade, then move on to Latina Christiana I for fifth grade.

I've been really happy with the program, ESPECIALLY with the DVDsI've never taken Latin, so I am much more comfortable with having someone else to introduce the concepts and pronunciations (in a cute southern accent!).

BUT, there are no weekly quizzes with the Prima Latina course, just 5 tests for the year. Like I said, I wasn't getting to the assigned oral quizzes. Like I said, I've got a case of the pregnant crazies. So I MAY have stayed up until 3am last night typing up quizzes for the year.

On the off chance that anyone who reads this blog also uses Prima Latina but isn't crazy and therefore does not have plans to stay up all night making quizzes, I figured I'd post them here: Prima Latina Lesson Quizzes.

It's my first try embedding a pdf link, so please let me know if it works (or doesn't work) for you.

Happy Quizzing!




  1. You have a lot on your plate! I would love a post on how you organize your school day/week to address all the different ages/grade levels. What subjects do your kids take? Is it hard to give equal time to all subjects? Or maybe you have already done a post like that?

    1. I haven't done a post on that. But I shall put it on my to-do list.

    2. I would also love something like that! I just have an 18-month-old and one on the way, but I don't have much experience with big, homeschooling families and it's always interesting to read more about nitty gritty of how they function!

  2. Thanks, Kendra. One (six?) steps ahead of the rest of us, as usual!

  3. Yes, I will use these gladly! I love it that you _may_ have stayed up until 3 AM. PS, have you used Minimus the Mouse with Latin? I have not gotten the book, but I am intrigued (it's available on Amazon.)

  4. Wow, these are awesome! :) Makes me want to buy the program so I can take your quizzes! :)

  5. The quizzes look awesome! Makes me want to take Latin :)

  6. Thank you for these quizzes! I'm constantly hyper-organizing our homeschool and it's nice to take advantage of someone else's hyper-organization. ;-)

  7. I just Bought Prima Latina for my soon to be 3rd grader so I greatly appreciate that you took the time to make these quizzes. I will definitely use them. Thanks a bunch!!!

  8. Thank you for sharing! and saving me so much time!!!

  9. You just saved me so much time! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this! You saved me a lot of time, too. (I see others felt the same in the past). This really is a blessing and very much appreciated. God bless you and your family!

  11. Thank you so much for this! I have been lamenting the lack of quizzes for years! I'm grateful to have found your work for my third kid :) The others will also benefit from your work... Thank you!


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