Monday, October 7, 2013

Blog in a Blink

Monica from Equipping Catholic Families was one of the first friends I made in the blog world. We've got lots in common, including Catholic faith, general craftiness (but she's got me beat), and youngest sons sent by God to ensure our humility!

If you were around for the early days of the blog, you may remember the series we had of Catholic Toddler Letters!

Anyway, Monica has issued a challenge and a link-up, and if you know me you'll know that I can't resist either. She's hosting Blog in a Blink, which invites bloggers to choose the nine posts they think best represent their blog. I've only been doing this for a few months, but it was still really hard to choose. I tried to go with posts that I like, but are less popular.

So here goes . . . 
Catholic All Year in a Blink

So, how do you think I did? Do those posts sum up this blog?

If you've got a blog and you're up for the challenge, join the link-up. And whether you've got a blog or not, check out Equipping Catholic Families for crafts and printables and maybe some new blogs to love.



  1. Number one is my favorite post so far and I think it definitely sums up your blog! You are never afraid to just go ahead and say all the things I'm thinking but am generally too afraid to say out loud :)

    And you are not the only one still enjoying a glass of wine and some dangerous cheese while pregnant--I mean not that I would ever do such a thing ;)

  2. Thanks for joining my first ever "Blog in a Blink" link-up! I love your posts...and your pics! Thanks, Kendra!


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