Sunday, December 22, 2013

An at Home Nativity Play for Increased Christmas Awesomeness

Maybe it's the new baby, but Advent has FLOWN by in our house. Christmas is almost here!

I just had to re-type this because I'm pretty sure I have to say my favorite part of our Christmas celebration is the Mass. But a VERY close second is our At Home Family Nativity Play that we put on each Christmas evening.

that's little Jack and even littler pregnant Betty
A few years ago, I sat down and typed up a script, based on Luke 2:1-20 and Matthew 2:1-12. You can find the script here at Catholic Culture.

For a set we use an old cardboard box and some stuffed animals. Costumes are all dad's t-shirts. Each person gets one for a tunic and one for a headdress. I also made some cardboard angel wings and found some sticks to be staffs, but you really wouldn't need to do that part. I'm an over-doer. You don't have to be.

who says there wasn't a hippo in the stable?

Grown-ups and big kids read from the script, and for little kids I just prompt them what to say. Everyone sings along with familiar songs. It turns out really cute with very little advance prep.

Here it is in action:

(it's only 5 minutes long)

note: I put together the script at Catholic Culture after this Christmas. I wanted one that was mostly just the Bible and couldn't find one, so I made it! 

I'd love to hear about it if any of you try this at your own homes this year!

By the way: giant baby spotted hanging out with the stuffed nativity.

Look out, Baby Jesus!


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If you order the book as a gift on Amazon, you can print out this lovely certificate to stuff in a stocking or tuck in a card. Just click on the link to download the printable PDF!

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And, it's Sunday, so here's what Lulu and I wore to Mass:

Me . . .
Sweater: Banana Republic
Skirt: Gymboree (the girls had dresses that matched it a couple years ago)
Shoes: Steve Madden

Lulu . . .
Sweater & tights: Gymboree
Dress & boots: Old Navy
I'd like to point out that at 3 1/2 weeks old, Lulu has perfected the official What I Wore Sunday "Random Sideways Look Off Into the Distance." She's a real pro.

Thanks to the Ladies at Fine Linen and Purple for hosting.

Have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas!



  1. You should do a link up of different families Nativity play pictures! I think I just might have to try it…I mean, we have a Mary, Joseph, and a 2 month old all set to play baby Jesus! What's not to love?

  2. Thank you for including a video! When you said your family did a nativity play I immediately imagined something much more perfect and polished and......did I say perfect already? I tend to want things done the "right" way and if they aren't done the "right" way I don't like to do them at all--and also I get cranky--I'm working on it! If you hadn't shared how this actually plays out in a real life family I don't think I would have ever attempted it, but now it seems completely doable. I think we'll be adding this in to our celebrations next year!

    And can I just say how precious Joseph is when he puts his little hand on Mary's back to lead her to the stable :)

    1. I totally agree! I was going to say, "we'll have to wait until the kids are much older to attempt something like this" - but I watched the video, and it definitely worked with little ones. Very cute!

  3. Love the new banner on the blog!

  4. That play is always so special and this one had lots of uncles, aunts and cousins to play the parts. Jack and Betty really set the standard for playing the Holy Family. Looking forward to it again. Nanacamille

  5. So, I clicked around and watched the pool submarine video. Sorry, but it was way more interesting than the Nativity play. : P
    Cool and crazy at the same time! Your children are lucky to have such interesting and involved grandparents.

  6. My siblings and I would always argue over who got to be Mary...and it didn't matter what time of the year it was, we loved playing "Mary and Joseph". I have a video of us doing the play in August.


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