Monday, May 19, 2014

He Will Totally Race You. Right. Now.

While we're out of town, I thought you might like to get to know the family a little better.

Here's interview number five, with kiddo number four: Gus.

What is your name and age?
Augustine James Tierney, age six.

What is your favorite thing to do?
My favorite thing to do is play sports.

What's your favorite sport.
My favorite sport is basketball my second favorite sport is soccer.

What about baseball?
Well, baseball is my third favorite sport. But if I ever play football, I think I'll like that better.

So you're a pretty fast guy right?
Yep. My favorite animal is a cheetah. Because it's fast too.

Do you like to race people.
Yes. Because, I'm very fast and I like to run. I, like, always beat people.

Even grownups?
Yes. I'm faster than you, Mom, and you were in real races.

You also enjoy pushups, right?

Do you do pushups a lot of places?
I do pushups at my house a lot of times.

What do you like about pushups?
I like to get stronger and I just think they're fun.

You say a lot of stuff that doesn't, to most people, make sense. For instance, you once said, "You can't have a Christmas party without a cat down a tree." Why, do you think, do you say things like that?
I don't know. I just think of stuff and I just say it.

What do you think of our baby?
She's really cute and I like to watch her.

Watch her do what?
Well, watch the baby so if it's like, Mommy's making dinner, Mommy doesn't have to hold the baby. Or Mommy's making lunch. Or breakfast.

Does Mommy do that a lot? Make food?
Yes. When we get hungry, we just all need to eat food. There's a lot of us, so we need a lot of food for the whole family.

What's your favorite toy to play with?
Nerf. I like it because it's fun to shoot it around.

You also play a lot of LEGOs right?
Yes, I just like to play with them because it's fun. I can make a LEGO Frankie.

If you had a blog, what would it be about?
Sports and animals?

Like animals that DO sports? Like that squirrel that waterskiis?
No. Just animals I like and sports I like.



  1. My brother used to be OBSESSED with LEGOs. :) Sometimes he still dinks around with them when he's on leave. They are fantastic.
    Country Girl's Daybook: Jesus, Photography, Fashion, & Food

  2. Update with name info and age, if you please!

  3. Gus is a man on a mission. He likes to do everything FAST. If he has a clean up job, he does it FAST, he runs FAST, he eats FAST. He is also an excellent sous chef. One time Gus and I made about 200 meatballs. He dug right in, never complained, and finished the job. Did you know that he is also a charming fellow? Even the Grammas who live in our neighborhood ask about Gus. "Marita, is Gus coming to visit Chicago this summer?" This boy definitely has charmed the neighbor ladies with his mischievous smile and joie de vivre. He also gives great hugs.

  4. He's got great form. I could learn a thing or two from him.

  5. Oh. My. Goodness. That picture of Gus staring at your baby daughter. Heart melted!

  6. I have a son with the middle name of Augustine, which we pronounce AugusTEEN. Do you say it that way or do you say AuGUStin?
    I bet my husband was a lot like Gus when he was young…loved to pretend to be a cheetah at recess time playing tag.
    Your kids are delightful; I've enjoyed this series and look forward to when mine will be old enough to interview.

  7. Aw, I love your whole family—but I really love that picture of Gus and Lulu and what he said about how you are apparently always making food, because you have a big family!

  8. Kendra, these are such great interviews. It's been such a fun week that I'm sorry it's almost over.


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