Friday, May 16, 2014

Nurturing Onions, Killing Bears, That's My Boy

While we're out of town, I thought you might like to get to know the family a little better.

Here's interview number four: my second son, Bobby.

What's your name and age?
Bobby. Eight.

After whom are you named?
I don't know.

I don't know. Is it my grandfather? No. Is it my great grandfather?

It is. Three of them in fact. I'm pretty sure we've mentioned it. What are your favorite pastimes?
Playing with LEGOs, watering my onion, drawing, doing silly voices.

What's the coolest thing you've ever built out of LEGOs?
Probably a big fort.

Once it's built, do you play with it, or just admire it?
Sometimes both.

What do you think about having a big family?
I like it. It's good for having brothers to have Nerf battles with.

What's the downside?
Sometimes I wish I had a room with a Gus-proof lock.

I'm not sure that anything is Gus-proof.
Yeah. Maybe not.

But you've also got sisters.
Eh. I don't really like it. Betty's always coming up and asking us what we're doing.

Well? What ARE you doing? Are you up to something? Is Betty trying to help our family?
Probably. That's why I don't like it.

What do you think about babies?
I like them. Lulu is really cute. And if I watch her and I can keep her happy, I don't have to clean up the house when everyone else is cleaning up the house.

What grade are you finishing this year?

Last year you didn't much like reading, but now you do. What changed?
I like reading Magic Tree House books. Betty said she really liked them, so I read them and I liked them too. I think they're pretty exciting. I also like the Little House on the Prairie books.

Would you like to live like the Ingalls do in those books?
 I'd like to hunt our food. And shoot bears. But it would get cold.

What is your favorite food?
Onions. I started liking them when I was six. I like all onion things.

What's your favorite sport?
Football. I just like it. I'm not sure why.

What's your favorite movie?
Harry Potter. All of them.

Aren't those scary?
No. Well, kind of. Well, they ARE scary, but I'M not scared of them.

Do you like being an altar boy?
Yes. It's fun. All you have to remember is to fold your hands, keep the patton level, do stuff at the right time, and no punching.

What's your favorite chore?
Eating cookies so they don't go bad.

What do you think you'd like to be when you grow up?
An onion farmer. On Mars.

What do you like about being homeschooled?
You don't get out of school at a certain time. If you get done, you get to go out and play.

Is there anything that you think is better about regular school?
They get to play four square.

What do you plan to do over the summer?
Go to the pool. Go outside and play street hockey and run around. Maybe I'll write a comic book.

If you had a blog what would it be called?
Bob's Onion Blog About Onions. It's about onions.

So I gathered.



  1. Onion boy... love it. Can't go wrong with onions.

  2. This one made me laugh so much! Especially after reading Betty's yesterday! These are so great!

  3. His philosophy on taking care of the baby - brilliant! If only they were all so willing to help ;) Well, really if only mine were willing to help without jelly beans as bribery :P

  4. "...and no punching." I can't wait until my boys are old enough to be altar servers! ;)

  5. He makes altar serving sound so easy!

  6. Hi Bobby, I love growing onions. Currently I have them growing in two of my garden boxes. I enjoy growing shallots, too. Do you like shallots? I think shallots are just as yummy as onions.

  7. Yeah, no punching especially at funeral masses.

  8. Bobby, you are so lucky that you figured out how yummy onions are when you were six. I didn't figure it out until I was 31, and I missed out on a lot of years of eating oniony things. Now onions are pretty much my favorite thing. I saw a movie once where the characters ate onions like apples, they just picked 'me up and chomped on them. I haven't tried that, but maybe I will one day.

  9. I am loving these interviews. Also, now I will shamelessly plug a great career path that Bobby might be interested in - the little known but super cool and fascinating field of agricultural & biological engineering, where we ask questions like, how can we grow onions on Mars? Or, <a href=">the moon</a> probably first. ;)

  10. I love that part too Katherine! Life through the eyes of kids...

    Kendra- Love this series! I love the style you wrote it in. It really captures everyone's personalities well.

  11. Ha! Love the "no punching" part - if you can get that, you can totally rock being an altar boy for sure! :)

  12. This one is my favorite. His take on the perks of watching the baby is genius. Has he watched Arrested Development? His blog reminds me of Bob Loblaw's Law Blog.

  13. Does he really love onions that much, or is he just messing with us? I have a feeling that he has a more sophisticated sense of humor than your average eight-year-old and just wants to hear what our reactions is to his apparent -philia.

  14. He might like my recipe for caramelized onion quiche...

  15. Are you really that obsessed with onions, Bobby, or are you teasing your mother's readers? My daughter is 5 and her favorite food is French Onion Soup. She asks for it all the time. If you are thinking of a vocation to marriage someday we can arrange a meeting. :)

  16. My kids all fight over who get the job of watching the toddler while everyone else cleans up. LOL

    And, I love onions too. I admire a kid who loves onions. I bet he's SUPER healthy!


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