Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Over 150 All-Saints Day Costumes for Kids

I was so amazed at the awesomeness of your entries in the Catholic Costume Contest, that I decided to post, not just the winner, not just a handful of favorites, but almost 200 awesome Catholic costumes, made by real parents and kids just like you and yours.

It seems important somehow to let everyone know that, yes, there are Overachieving Pinterest Mom All-Saints costumes, hand-sewn and with special effects. But there are also Crafty Mom no-sew costumes. And Last Minute Mom stuff-that-was-laying-around-the-house costumes. There are as many ways to make an All Saints costume as there are paths to heaven. Which is to say . . . plenty.

But first: I was supposed to pick one winner, but they were WAY too good. I just couldn't. I still only have one grand prize to give away. So, I've picked my favorites for ten categories. Each winner gets a custom-made-by-me free printable prayer of the prayer or quote of their choice. And one of those ten will be randomly selected to be the grand prize winner and receive the three month subscription to Saint Mail.

You can click on any photo to see it bigger.

Here are some categories I just made up . . .


Hey, let's start with something awesomely adorable, shall we? Babies. Dressed up as saints.

If your baby is susceptible to peer pressure, you may want to go with a Bl. Teresa of Calcutta costume. ALL the cool babies are doing it. But . . . the printable prayer winner in the category of babies is: St. Olaf! What can I say, I love the beard.


Okay moms with skills, you know who you are. You look forward to All Saints Day. You plan ahead. You can sew, and wield a glue gun. You've got production value. Check you out.

Each one of these costumes is truly stunning. Seriously. How lucky are your kids? But I'm pretty sure Our Lady of the Assumption has LIGHTS in her CLOUDS. She wins the Printable Prayer in the category of Moms With Skills.


Not every kid is going to be able to roll like those kids. Not every mom has the time, talent, or inclination to put together a broadway-caliber All Saints Day costume. But that doesn't mean your costume can't still be awesome. These saint costumes look like they can be put together with things already in the kids' closets!

And the winner of the printable prayer in the category of Regular Clothes is: Young St. JPII!


I love that these look really good, but don't APPEAR to require much, if any, sewing.

St. Catherine Laboure out of t-shirts and paper is very impressive. I love how St. Sebastian's arrows are tucked into the rope that held him to the tree, very clever. And it looks like that St. Teresa of Calcutta is some white fabric and some blue tape. And it's PERFECT. But I'm going to have to go with Our Lady of Guadalupe for the printable prayer winner of the Crafty Costume category. The cardboard is great and the fabric choices are perfect!


You know me, I love twofer costumes. It's how we roll. Some of you guys roll like that too.

There are a couple of St. Florian/Firefighters in there, which is great. There's a St. Isidore/Farmer, and a whole awesome saints/Narnia characters thing. But the winner in the Twofer category is Yoda/St. Dominic. Obviously.


Sometimes the prop makes the costume. Just ask all twenty-something young ladies. But the same goes for saint costumes. A good prop really sells it.

All the St. Lucy eyes are really great, obviously. And, if we're being fair, Bl. Fra Angelico's painting is clearly UH-mazing. But it's my blog and the St. Juan Diego picture is pretty much the best thing I've seen all week. I can't stop looking at it. It's perfect. He wins the printable prayer in the category of Props.


Not a crafty mom? Maybe your kids will make their OWN costumes. These kids did. VERY impressive.

Kid-made St. Kateri wins the printable prayer!


Hey, who says the kids get to have all the fun?

Hey! That bottom one is me. And it isn't even a SAINT! I don't win. The Virgen de Guadalupe wins the Printable Prayer in this category.


The more, the merrier.

Okay, seriously. This St. George. And the little red dragon? I die. They win the Printable Prayer for the category of Family Groups.


I've run out of clever categories. But you should see these, too.

Yes, that's my little St. Francis with tonsure. He needed a haircut anyway! It was pretty great. But the win goes to St. Therese for the printable prayer.

They are all so great!

And NOW, for the GRAND PRIZE! The winner of the Three Month Subscription to Saint Mail is . . .  Our Lady of the Assumption! If you won a custom-designed printable prayer or the Saint Mail subscription, please email me at catholicallyear @ gmail . com to claim your prize. And congratulations!

Pats on backs all around people. Nicely done.

Now, if you didn't win the Saint Mail subscription, click here to subscribe for yourself! I did.

p.s. If your photo appears here, it's because I think I have permission to use it on the blog. If you'd prefer that it not be up here, please let me know and I'll take it down.

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  1. St George and his dragon were the best.

    And my personal favourite is your St Francis' haircut :-D

  2. This is the best thing ever. I am smiling so huge right now! Well done to one and all!

  3. Oh this is so wonderful and adorable! Thanks for taking the time to curate all these sweet costumes!

  4. These are all wonderful! What a display of talent.

  5. The Bl. Pierre Georgio Frassati slays me with that pipe in the first family group photo!

  6. I loved seeing all the costumes!

    My favorite was your little guy dressed as St. Francis, complete with the real tonsure! And the Our Lady of the Assumption is amazing! By the way, we actually had a St. Thomas Aquinas, not St. Francis.

    Thanks for taking the time to put this all together, Kendra!

    1. Thanks Jessica, your costumes were really great! I'll fix my caption. :)

  7. Love all of these and such a fun little contest :) Thanks for doing this Kendra! Pinning this for ideas for next year! :)

  8. All of the costumes are amazing! So honored to be included. My daughter said she personally, liked your stained glass window costume... :) Your St. Francis is adorable!

  9. Wow, Kendra, you really had your work cut out for you - these are all so great! I am really impressed with all the creativity. Thanks for the wonderful post!

  10. St. George with his dragon side kick is the cutest thing I've seen! But, seriously Our Lady of Assumption was crazy good.

    Hey I saw u last night, but u left b4 I had a chance to say howdy. So {hugs} and hello to u now :-).

  11. St. Juan Diego is totally cracking me up!! Love this!
    I wish I had known I could have entered my, "our-mom-is-a-craft-looser" kids who figured out costumes on their own. I was too ashamed because I thought everyone else was going to be Pinterest mom!!

  12. Is there anything cutier than a baby nun? Especially St Catherine Laboure. The little Blessed Mothers are also adorable and little Bea even said her lines into the mike. Love all of the costumes.

  13. I never dressed up for All Saints', but I'm thinking next year my kids should! So much fun.

  14. So much fun seeing all of these cute little saints! This really is an awesome resource for next year's costumes! Thanks so much for doing this, Kendra!

  15. Awesome! I am bookmarking this for next year. And since our church's party is this Sunday, I may actually use some of the ideas this year.

    And one of the pictures is my friend's daughter. Small world!

  16. I need to know where you got those awesome leggings! And next year I'm actually going to do something for All Saints, not just call my baby in her hippopotamus costume St. Augustine of Hippo.

  17. Just incredible all the creativity! Lots of good ideas for next year!

  18. I cried when I saw JP II. As a convert to the faith, it is so heartwarming to see these tiny innocent children dressed as such beautiful people. And I agree with your choice for Grand Prize. Our Lady of the Assumption looks like we're peering into heaven!

  19. our lady of the assumption, love it and st gorge and his little dragon.Cute!

  20. All the Mamas who took the time to submit your costumes, and Kendra for putting them all together, thank you thank you thank you. You have inspired this convert Mama to see what we can do in the next 3-4 days to pull together some Saint costumes for my three children. <3

  21. I have a few good pics of All Saints Party little saints. How can I get them to you?

  22. I really like St. Andrew the Apostle (with beard), St. Anthony, the Thereses of Calcutta and St. Sebastian! All the costumes are so cool!


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