Monday, October 19, 2015

The Buddy Box: Giveaway Week Day 1

If you're looking to make your at home religious education a little more hands on . . . have I got a box for you.

Actually, Frankie's got it:

The folks at Buddy Box let us try one out.

Seriously. What is it about kids and mail? They go completely bonkers.

Each box has a theme to help kids connect with Jesus in a different way.

October was all about conquering fear. The box came with toys, games, activities, crafts, and music downloads all about the theme.

Frankie was NOT scared of this tiny rubber chicken. He LOVED this tiny rubber chicken.

The wind up teeth were for a little board game.

Not scared of flying.

Not scared of slime.

You can just let a group of siblings have at it, like I did, and with big kids around to read directions, it will keep them occupied for a whole weekend, playing with the toys and games and doing the little crafts and activities.

It could also easily be used in a more controlled environment, with a parent supervising the activities and talking to the kids about the theme for the whole month as part of home religious education - which EVERY parent should be doing. It's not a Catholic program, and isn't a substitute for learning the Catechism. But it's a fun, hands on addition to more book-based learning.

And now we own a tiny rubber chicken.

Frankie likes chickens.

And here's where the giveaway part comes in. If you'd like to give it a try in your home, I've got a discount code I get to share with you:

  • Try Buddy Box for $15! You can try Buddy Box for $15, this promotion can be used on any length of subscription and will apply a $12.99 discount on the order. Use Promo Code: BUDDYBOX by October 23rd.

So, that's that. Everyone wins this one. But stay tuned all week for more reviews and giveaways!



  1. I've really enjoyed the "box in the mail craze". We usually gift one box to each kid for Christmas which has allowed for some awesome experiences that would not have otherwise happened.

  2. I just looked at their site and couldn't tell. .. it's it Catholic or more generally Christian? Either way, it looks nice. Just wondering.

    1. It's generally Christian. It has a Veggie Tales kind of feel.

  3. Hi Kendra! Based on your recommendation last year, we got my oldest (age 6) a Kiwi Crate subscription for Christmas, and have absolutely loved it! I'm really liking the idea of a more "faith based" option that Buddy Box provides. Here's my question- how much adult involvement do you think there would be if my oldest is 6? Because, sometimes, I just want her to be entertained for a while without me having to be too involved. Ya know? :)

    1. I'm so glad! I think it's a similar level of adult or big kid involvement as the Kiwi Crate. Little kids would need someone to read instructions and find the right stuff in the box, but then there are definitely things they can do or play on their own.


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