Hey all! New and improved about page, now with introductory vlog. I suggest you click on the little cc button to turn the captions on, if you're picky about comprehension.

Hi.  I'm Kendra.  Wife to my husband, mom to my kids.  You know how it goes:

First came love . . .

Then came marriage . . .

Then came the baby in the baby carriage . . .

But we're that kind of Catholic, so they just kept comin' . . .

And now, against all odds, I find myself with some time on my hands to share some things about how we live.

I called this blog Catholic All Year because I thought I would mostly post about how we celebrate the liturgical year.  (We do like to party.)  But that's not what it turned into.  As it turns out, I mostly want to write about parenting (and Doctor Who) and sometimes pick fights with other bloggers about movies (love you Bonnie) so that's mostly what this blog is about. 

I've learned a lot about parenting through eleven years and seven kids so far, I hope some of it can help you on your journey.

If you want to know even more about me try:

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If you have any questions about homemaking, homeschooling, or Catholic life feel free to email me at CatholicAllYear at gmail dot com or ask at the Catholic All Year Facebook page.




  1. You are more organized than I was; I took a 32 year sabbatical to raise nine kids on a hobby farm

  2. "That kind of Catholic" gave me a nice chuckle!!! Glad to be following along!

  3. 'Ello, darlin! I know you're out of town, but check this out when you have the chance! I've nominated you for a blog tour. CanNOT wait to hear about the trip!!

  4. Dearest Kendra, you probably meant "if" you are picky, not "in" .

    Lovely vlog. Look at your beautiful children, you should definitely have 69 ;0) I don't mean to upset anyone who has not pretty ones or anything though.

    All the best!

    1. Argh! A typo on my about page! Thanks for catching it.

  5. Kendra, I love your blog! What photo editing software do you use?

    1. Thanks Julie! I use Picasa and Picmonkey.

  6. Hello from Portugal!
    Thank you for sharing so many ideias with us!
    God bless You all!

  7. Your vlog is perfect. I especially like the interaction between the siblings, and the beep-beep sound effects from the little blue car. (Blue car then blue police box ... baby steps!)
    I also use correct grammar and spelling in my texts.

  8. I usually read your blog on my Google Play Newsstand, but happened to check out the website today... and it turns out you have an About Me page! And a vlog! Awesome.
    P.S. That engagement photo is spectacular.

  9. Hi kendra! I love that you homeschool and have such a big family!!! My husband is one of 13 and was homeschooled too! That is our plan as well :) once God blesses us with some little ones. I wanted to share with you our Etsy Shop. We make printable MODEST paper dolls that are a fun craft for little girls :) you can visit our shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BellDesignShop
    God Bless You! And take care! :)
    -Marie Bell

  10. Great "About Me" page. Love your snarky humor in the vlog.

  11. Would this address be more accurate for His Holiness: Domus Sanctae Marthae, Vatican, Vatican City, Italy and the listed zip code?

    Also, is the postage fee(s) calculated from the California West Coast?


    1. The address I listed in the other post is the one I found on a .gov list of how to address letters to various heads of state. I cross checked it with Catholic sources. So I'm pretty confident on it. And, the Vatican is its own country, not part of Italy.

      Yes to your postage question. I calculated it from my zip code in California, so it's certainly possible that it could vary.

  12. I love your book on confession, Kendra! Where should I buy in bulk (2-300 copies at a time) for my parish's RE program?

    1. Thanks! You should call Ignatius Press. Here's the info from their website: Schools and parishes can place an order on account via our School / Parish order line: 866-431-1531 opt 1 or by fax: 800-278-3566.

      If you are a school or parish needing further product information, you can speak to a sales representative by calling the School / Parish line and choosing the appropriate menu option.

      Please note that schools and parishes receive a 20% discount on many of our products related to religious education and catechesis.

  13. I imagine we'll disagree about a lot but you and your kiddos sure are cute! ;)

  14. Kendra, I love your blog and your posts on Blessed is She. I'd love to talk to you about a graphic design job. I've been waiting patiently for God to bring the right person to me, and I'm hoping I'm right that He has led me to you. Please let me know if you are interested. You can read more about me and contact me at http://amyschislerauthor.com.
    Thank you!

  15. Nice to meet you Kendra! My dislikes also include NFP haha! We're also that kinda Catholic.... four boys in 5 years of marriage (one pregnancy was a two for one deal). I love your posts on Blessed Is She!


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