If you are interested in sponsoring a post, please email catholicallyear.sponsor@gmail.com. Products in the following categories are a natural fit for the blog: women's and children's clothing and shoes, maternity and baby items, homeschooling products, and Catholic goods.

Email catholicallyear.sponsor@gmail.com to inquire about sidebar ads. All submitted ads will evaluated to be sure they are a good fit for this blog before they are published. Discounts available for small Catholic businesses or work-at-home moms, please email for rates.

As of November, 2016, Catholic All Year has:
135,000+ monthly page views
3,500+ average daily page views
11,000+ likes on Facebook
5,000+ followers on Instagram
2,400+ followers on Pinterest
2,100+ followers on Bloglovin'
600+ followers on Twitter

Catholic All Year has previously partnered with Joules, CCC of America, Tiny Prints, and more .

From past advertisers:

Conversation with Women benefited greatly from advertising on Catholic All Year.  We received a steady flow of referral traffic each and every day.  What's more, the visitors did not just click and bounce.  They stayed for awhile often clicking on several different posts. - Emily, Conversations with Women


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