Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Frankie Gets a Penpal


Monica over at Equipping Catholic Families has a two-year-old named Adam, who by all accounts is just as much a handful as my Frankie.

Adam got ahold of Frankie's letter to the Church Lady and figured he would drop Frankie a line.

You can read Adam's letter here.

Frankie may be noisy, but he's quite well-mannered.  So, of course he's written back.  But Adam lives in CANADA!  Apparently this is the way they deliver the mail in Canada:

Ain't nobody got time for that. via 
And also this happens.  I'm not willing to let my baby's correspondence endanger the good people of Canada.  So I'm just going to let Frankie post his responses here, and Monica will post Adam's on her blog.  I'm sure you understand.

Dear Adam,

We're both the youngest (so far) of big families.  I don't know about you, but I love throwing my mom for a loop, just when she thinks she has all this kid stuff figured out.

My question for you is: What are your family's Mass survival strategies?

Once our moms take down our answers we can post them.  So I'm sure everyone will want to check in again soon.




  1. Dear Frankie & Adam,
    Grandad had and aunt & uncle (Glen & Elana) who had 12 kids..one every year. The youngest was John Charles and he was a real misbehavior in mass. His dad would haul him out of mass by the ear as he hollered for one of his older sister to "save me, save me". It didn't happen..ever. This persisted for awhile and I guess he finally figured out it didn't work or he outgrew the behavior and all was right with the world. The boys still punched at each other but John Charles is alive and well today.


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