Saturday, January 12, 2013

Notable and Quotable

Hey All,

For today, you get a roundup of how things sounded around my house this week and the important lessons we learned.

1. I am not an acceptable substitute for Julie Andrews.

Anita (3) in the car: "Mom, could you not sing?  I'm trying to hear Mary Poppins."

2. Middle children are easygoing.

Bobby (7) in bed: "Do you know where Bullseye (the stuffed horse) is?
              Me: "I think I see him over there . . . no, that's an Ugg boot"                  
           Bobby:  "That's okay, I'll just  take that."

3. We are sad that Christmas, and its myriad possibilities for song improvements, is over.
Gus (5) at the dinner table: "On the zero-th day of Christmas my true love game to me, ZEEEROH PIGGGGS, and a partridge in a pear treeeeeee."

4. I have successfully convinced my children that the ice cream man is a nuisance.  (bwah-ha-ha-hah <evil laugh>).
All kids: " Ahhhhh! . . . Oh no! . . . Here he comes!  Don't let him see us! . . . He'll try to make us eat ice cream!"

5. It's possible that my children are out of touch.
Anita (3) in the car: "Can we listen to the radio?"
                  Me: "Yes, but it's Saturday morning so the classical station will be playing Opera music."
               Anita: "Yeah, I think because most kids really like Opera music."

6. Awesome things can happen in the playroom while Mom is napping.

May I present . . . "Lego Church", by Bobby (7) with the assistance of Betty (8).

Please note the following (you can click on the image to enbiggen it):

  • Collection box
  • Paten with hosts
  • Chalice
  • Cruets
  • Mosaic floor
  • Altar boy resting Missal on his head (!)

In attendance: (among others) Jesse, Woody, a fairy, a stormtrooper, Gandalf, Kai.  Santa, R2-D2, and a hippy are in the choir.

Mass-goers can partake in a continental second-breakfast afterwards.

Maybe I should just let the children go feral.  They seem to do quite well when I'm not around.



  1. I love the Lego Church and who's to say that all of the different character in there don't attend mass regularly or at least on Christmas and Easter.
    When I was growing up we played Mass with all of the Protestant kids in the neighborhood using our hall and setting up a card table with Mom's lace tablecloth and her silver goblets. Grape juice and Neco wafers made it seem very real.

  2. Your kids sound delightful. :) A friend just emailed me a link to this Lego Mass post, and I shall have to check out your blog more often!

    1. Thanks, please do!

      It looks like your blog hasn't been updated in a while... I'm intrigued!


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