Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Whew! (and that's just day one . . . )

Merry Christmas to you from the gang at Catholic All Year.

It's been quite a day. (And we haven't even had dinner or the Nativity Play yet!)

Yesterday we chopped down our tree and decorated it, despite the (sunny and 85) weather . . . 

This morning we awoke early to see what Santa had brought and open the gifts under the tree.

And, you guys! This blog made out very well, I have to say. I got an awesome new lens for my camera, which will allow me to take pictures of things that are farther than 5 feet away from me (also good for kids' sporting events), AND a blog makeover (so stay tuned for that!) and . . . wait for it . . . 

THIS zombie-survival bracelet!

get your own here!

And then off to Mass . . .

I have no idea why it's snowing in this picture. Apparently either Picasa or Blogger thought it would be a good idea. I'm going to go with it. Especially since I'm sleeveless and flip-flopped right now.

Merry Christmas to you all! (And if YOU got anything blog and/or zombie related for Christmas, I want to know about it.)



  1. I just uploaded pics to Picasa and yup, it was randomly snowing in some of them. Merry Christmas to you all! Did you have to make special arrangements to get a tree yesterday? I remember breaking into a tree farm one year to get a tree later than 2 weekends before Christmas.

    1. No, they were open, but we were the only people there!

  2. I got what I asked for! Crying babies at Mass!

  3. It was such an awesome day of Jesus, Santa food and family. I was exhausted when it was over but blessed to have spent it with Tierney kids and parents. Only downer was that Anita was sick in the early am. Christmas gift of trip to Magic Mt from nana and gdad had to be postponed. With big kids at Pres Reagan library and spy exhibition. Really great.

  4. i lived in L.A. for ten years...I remember those hot days at pumpkin patches...but we went to Home Depot on Sunset to get our tree...because Carlos worked there, and Carlos was hot too :-)

    merry mighty Christmas to you and your family!


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