Thursday, August 7, 2014

It's a Worthy Cause, Make it Count Double: Beach Wheels for Fulton

I hope you've already seen this great campaign by Bonnie of a Knotted Life . . .

Kelly from this Ain't the Lyceum has two sons with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). Their family loves to visit the beach, but a beach chair that would allow him to get across the sand and into the water costs over $2,000! They've been making do, as Kelly outlined in this post, sometimes borrowing a too-big chair that you can only use to get across the sand before you have to bring it back. :-(

Bonnie is hoping we can help. And so am I. The donation page has been open all day, and they are already over half-way to their goal. But in case you need just a little extra shove to get you to click on that payPal donate button, Catholic All Year will match ALL reader donations, 100%! Just put Catholic All Year in the notes on your donation and you just gave Fulton and his family TWICE the love!

Click here for more details and the donation button!

You guys are amazing. Thank you for your generosity!

donations are now closed



  1. Thanks for the opportunity to help.

  2. I'm not reading "all the blogs" this summer, so thanks for spreading the word!

  3. Kendra, this is amazing. Daniel and I were wanting to contribute, but struggling to come to amount that would be feasible for our family right now... the fact that you are being so generous helps that small amount make an even bigger impact. <3

  4. Kendra this is awesome, and I wish I hadn't seen this too late to donate! (Of course I'm thrilled they already met the goal, of course of course of course. So I'll try not to make it ALL about me :)


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